Breaking The Yips Cycle – Success Story From Actual Golfer

Many golfers who struggle with the yips lose hope. They feel as though their stroke is being controlled by a "demon" that won't let go. They reach a point that they want to give up golf due to the frustration.  That's how Mike felt about his golf game until he was able to successfully break the yips cycle in golf. Watch the video below to hear how Dr. Cohn was able to get Mike out of the frustrating yips cycle. Play Video Below Not only was … [Read more...]

Kevin Na Battles the Full-Swing Yips at the Players

I just watched an impressive round during the 2012 Players Championship. Kevin Na shot 68 to take a one-shot lead going into the final round. But what’s impressive is that he did it with the full swing yips. After the round in the media center, he said the problem with his full swing started when he changed his swing and set up in 2011. Today, he still feels uncomfortable over the ball with his balance and can’t hit the shot until it feels rig … [Read more...]

Charles Barkley Golf Swing Yips

Charles Barkley an 11-time, All-Star basketball Hall-of-Famer, NBA MVP and Olympic gold medalist is said to have the worst swing in golf due to the yips. Take a look for yourself. Barkley worked with golf instuctor Hank Haney to help him improve his game and overcome the golf swing yips, which Haney stated, "was one of the biggest challenges of his career."  Can Haney’s knowledge and experience help Sir Charles’s game overcome the full swing yips? … [Read more...]

What are Golf Swing Yips?

What are the full-swing yips in golf? The full-swing yips are another variety of the yips in golf. They are different than the putting yips. I have worked with players who had problems with the full swing. But I think the golf swing yips are much rarer than the chipping or putting yips. When you have the full swing yips, you simply can't swing at the ball freely. Charles Barkley, the famous basketball player, who took up golf had one version … [Read more...]