I.K. Kim’s Big Miss: Did She Choke?

Kim Misses Putt

Did the pressure of winning cause pro golfer In-Kyung Kim to miss a one-foot putt that would have won the Kraft Nabisco Championship and her first major championship? Kim, who only had a tap in to win, could have hit this putt with her eyes closed, but performance anxiety and winning could have cause enough tension to miss her line. Here’s the odd part about her miss: Kim made birdies on both the 16th and 17th holes and had a one-shot lead g … [Read more...]

Tiger Woods Wins Bay Hill Invitational With Improved Touch

Tiger Woods Putting

I was at the Bay Hill Invitational this weekend rooting for Ernie Els to qualify for the Masters. I interviewed Ernie many years ago about his thoughts on the psychology of going low when he shot a career low round. What a super nice guy... Just so happens that Tiger gets his groove back this week and wins the Bay Hill Invitational. Ernie finishes tied for 5th place. Hope Els gets a special invitation to the Masters in a couple weeks as he … [Read more...]

Els Disappointed with Putting Woes, But Determined

Els Putting Woes

Is Ernie Els one of the latest victims to fall shot due to his putting woes or even the putting yips? If he managed to shoot par on the final three holes at the Transitions Championship recently he would of won the event. But one poor shot and a couple missed clutch putts and he finishes tied for 5th. Els jacked a 5-foot birdie putt on hole No. 16. And then he finished the round with two bogeys including a 4-foot par putt on number 18 that … [Read more...]

Does Tiger Woods Have the Yips?

Tiger Woods Yips?

Does Tiger Woods have the yips? Is he losing his mental edge with the putter on the greens? We used to think of Tiger as one of the best putters under pressure when trying to win a golf tournament. Now rumors are circulating about Wood’s having the yips with his putter or at least the putter is letting him down at the wrong time: during final rounds. One example: During the final round of the AT&T National Pro-Am at Pebble Beach, Tiger was … [Read more...]

Is the Belly Putter a Crutch – Keegan Bradley Says “No Way”

Keegan Bradley and the Belly Putter

Many golfers are switching to the belly putter as a way to help with their putting yips. When Bernard Langer switched to the long putter, this seem to help him with his putting problem as with many other golfers who have went to the long putter. So anecdotal evidence suggest that a long putter helps with the yips, at least for older players on Tour. But what about for younger players on the Tour? The idea is that wrist movement is less with … [Read more...]

5 Tips to Develop Confidence in Your Putting Game

Donald Putting at Disney

Your putting confidence develops in many ways, but true confidence comes from establishing a foundation for success. The top putters on the PGA Tour practice in a way that increases their putting competencies, which combined leads to confidence. Players spend time developing their touch on the greens, for example, to increase confidence and feel comfortable with their distance control. Great putters instill confidence by developing a preshot … [Read more...]

Why the Yips Come on Course and Not in Practice

Symptoms of Yips

Why Does This Golfer Putt Freely in Practice, But not the Course? Okay, so John downloaded my Anti-Yips Putting Drills and has some mild success at home in practice working on the drills to free up his putting. However, when he goes to the course, he still can’t putt with total freedom. John says, “I downloaded your suggestions for Anti-Yips Practice Putting Drills, and I'm trying to absorb and practice your drills, so far it works for a sho … [Read more...]

Keegan Bradley Attributes PGA Win to Putting


You drive for show and putt for dough definitely applied to Keegan Bradley’s putting performance. No yips in sight with his long putter. He was holing long putts for birdie coming down the stretch, which was the key to his win at the 2011 PGA Championship. Sometimes you just click with the putter and you’ll have a great week. He attributes his great play to his putting and attitude for the week. “Obviously to win any tournament, let alone a maj … [Read more...]

Six Mental Game Tips for Confident Putting


Putting is pretty much like riding a bike. You learned it a long time ago as a kid and once had positive putting confidence. As a young golfer, you weren't afraid of anything—you were not afraid of missing putts. Most adults who get the putting yips learn to fear and doubt putting. I’m sure you were a good putter as a kid void of fear or tension, but now suffer from fear of missing or putting yips. Remember, great putting involves believing " … [Read more...]

Mental Keys to Rory McIlroy’s US Open Putting

Great Putting Rory

What happened to Rory McIlroy’s putting on the back nine at the Masters? Right after the tournament, he wasn’t able to tell the golf world what happened that day at the Masters and needed time to reflect on what happened. After the round, he did say his confidence waned on the back nice, especially with putting. When you second-guess your lines and your speed, confidence can erode quickly. “You know I can't really put my finger on it. I lost a … [Read more...]