Anti-Yips Putting Drills

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With Freedom Using Proven Putting Drills”

Author of The Mental Art of Putting And Great Putting–Right Now,
Dr. Patrick Cohn, Reveals Mental Game Secrets For Putting Success

Free Anti-Yips Putting Drills for GolfersDo you spend most of your practice time trapped by stroke or mechanics on the practice green? Are you unsure how to practice to help you overcome the putting yips? With my exclusive drills to free up your putting, previously available to my personal coaching students, you can learn how to:

  • Use your mind to help you improve your putting performance
  • Practice putting to help youputt with freedom
  • Use one simple drill to switch to intuitive putting
  • Why you must rely on hand-eye coordination for great putting
  • What to focus on when standing over the ball so you canlet go of trying too hard

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“What a Great Feeling of Freedom”

“I went on to the putting green right after receiving your mail. What a great feeling of freedom. No tense at all, smiling and more consistent than ever before. I have great rounds during the years, but you have taken me to a new level with you tips for the yips. I am very grateful – if you visit Denmark I will invite you out for dinner.”

~Søren Meinertsen, Denmark

“Your Mental Coaching is Really Helping”

“I read the Article on the chipping yips about 10 or 15 times now. I can feel the difference already from some of the shots that I have been hitting and I really think I can lick this. I think your mental coaching is really helping. Thank you so much!!”

~Jeff Gerling

“Improvement in My Putting Stroke and Pace”

“Many thanks for your anti-yips putting drills. Since I received them, I have been practicing the drills at home for half an hour a day. I have found them very useful indeed and also stimulating. I have played two rounds of nine holes. There has been a very discernible improvement in my putting stroke and pace. Today I did not three putt any holes, which is a first for me in all the years that I have been playing. My partner said ‘you are stroking the ball rather than jabbing at the ball, as you usually do.’”

~Richard Hayes