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Welcome to Beat Golf Putting Yips. I’m Dr. Patrick Cohn, author of The Mental Art of Putting and Going Low. Are you tired of inconsistent putting? Do you wish you didn’t have to putt? I've been a mental coach to PGA Tour golfers for over 20 years and helped golfers overcome the putting yips, chipping yips, and the full-swing yips.


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Beat Golf and Putting YIPS Articles

What Should You Focus On While Over The Ball?

What should you think about over the ball before you pull the trigger? This is a question I get a lot--especially from golfers who are hindered by the yips... Here's what one golfer asked in my putting yips survey: "I basically 'blackout' over the ball and forget what I was working on. Why is this and what should I focus on to make a good … [Beat the Yips...]

Why Golfers Yip Only When Playing With Others…

Why does your performance change when on the course? I'm following up on my email from last week about going from smooth in practice to jerky on the course... Here's what one golfer asked in my putting yips survey: "I'm fine in practice on the putting green and playing on my own, but as soon as I play with someone, I get conscious of it. So … [Beat the Yips...]

Does Your Smooth Putting Stroke Change on the Course?

Does your putting stroke feel different on the course? Maybe you consider your putting game as your primary strength, then all of the sudden you can’t make a short putt. Most golfers will attempt to work it out by spending more time on the practice green. Some may try to change grip, switch putters or change stroke... After all the work … [Beat the Yips...]

How to Focus on the Process, Not Putting Mechanics

This week I'm following up on the theme of tinkering, but I'm going to focus on tinkering with your stroke mechanics... One reason why it's hard to break the yips cycle is because you focus too much on mechanics instead of the process. Golf instructors might tell you that thinking about a good stroke when playing is focusing on the process, … [Beat the Yips...]

Why Tinkering Keeps You Stuck in The Yips Cycle

I want to address one of the stages of the yips cycle that keeps you stuck--and often makes matters worse... What do you do after a bad putting round? How do you get back on track? You make changes, of course. But what changes do you make? Most golfers make changes with their stroke mechanics, set up, and putter. Sounds like a good plan, … [Beat the Yips...]

What To Do When Frustrated With Missing Putts…

Does the frustration from yipping cause a spill over effect into other areas of your game? According to one reader, David, he thinks that, on hit worst yipping days, it leaks into the rest of his game. He went on to say there are three reasons for this: Missing short putts puts a premium on getting close. General frustration blurs a … [Beat the Yips...]

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