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Welcome to Beat Golf Putting Yips. I’m Dr. Patrick Cohn, author of The Mental Art of Putting and Going Low. Are you tired of inconsistent putting? Do you wish you didn’t have to putt? I've been a mental coach to PGA Tour golfers for over 20 years and helped golfers overcome the putting yips, chipping yips, and the full-swing yips.


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Beat Golf and Putting YIPS Articles


Did You Change Your Putter to Beat the Yips?

Golf can test your nerves and composure... Do you fear missing easy putts or three-putting a hole when playing under pressure? Thoughts about outcome and missing can cause muscle tension leading some golfers to hold the putter with a death grip... In the yips cycle, fear leads to over control. Over control leads to tension, which causes … [Beat the Yips...]


When Golfers Are Overly Precise With Their Aim

To play intuitive golf, a concept I teach in "Breaking The Yips Cycle" DVD program, you want to trust your athletic mind when you play golf... One golfer who took my golf yips survey asked... "When I aim the putter on line it feels wrong. Is this why I have problems with the yips?" My short answer is "no." This is not why you have the … [Beat the Yips...]


Do You Have a One-Putt Mindset?

Many golfers share a similar putting problem: They putt with ease on the practice green but find it difficult to putt effortlessly during rounds. Confident putting is essential to your overall golf game especially since approximately 40% of your total number of strokes happen on the putting green. Having no confidence in your putting game … [Beat the Yips...]


Breaking The Yips Cycle – Success Story From Actual Golfer

Many golfers who struggle with the yips lose hope. They feel as though their stroke is being controlled by a "demon" that won't let go. They reach a point that they want to give up golf due to the frustration.  That's how Mike felt about his golf game until he was able to successfully break the yips cycle in golf. Watch the video below to hear how … [Beat the Yips...]


The Yips And Learning To Shut Off The Mental Chatter

Are you frustrated with the yips? You probably feel like you are one of the few that contracted this horrible golf ailment. Well, you are not alone... Approximately 40 percent of golfers will experience the yips at some point in their career as estimated by some sport psychologists. Most golfers avoid talking about the yips because they … [Beat the Yips...]


The Real Cause Of The “Yips” – (According To Research By Debbie Crews)

You probably know what it feels like to have the yips. You also understand how the yips can ruin your golf game. But you, most likely, have no inkling as to how the yips appeared, seemingly, out of nowhere--and why they are so hard to shake. Understanding the development of the yips can provide insight into overcoming the pesky problem. In … [Beat the Yips...]

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What are the full-swing yips in golf? The full-swing yips are another variety of the … [Yips tip...]

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Do You Have the Yips?

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What are the Yips?

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