Performance Anxiety and Golf Putting Yips

Golfers who are labeled with the yips experience a condition that causes muscular contractions or jerking at impact. They are seen by others as golfers who choke under pressure. Research shows that anxiety and stress accelerates the involuntary movements in many neurologic disorders, such as Parkinson’s disease, essential tremor, and Tourette’s syndrome. This information lead sports psychology researchers to look at the relationship between per … [Read more...]

Mental Imagery And The Putting Yips?

I found an article in the Journal of Applied Sport Psychology, about decreasing the putting “yips” – in which golfers experience a sudden tremor, freezing, or jerking motion while putting. The researchers suggest that the yips have both physical and psychological connections, and the more than 25 percent of professional golfers acquire the yips. In the article, the authors wanted to see if using mental imagery had value in decreasing the putti … [Read more...]

What Causes Yips Symptoms?

One of the most studied phenomenon’s in the game of golf is the sudden appearance of the putting “yips”. Symptoms of the yips include jerks, tremors and freezing, which cause performance problems for tournament players. Research suggests that the yips add approximately 4.7 strokes to affected golfers scores for 18 holes of golf. However, the cause of yip symptoms is still widely debated among sport psychology professionals. In 2000, resea … [Read more...]