Where Do the Driver Yips Come From?

Where Do the Driver Yips Come From?

Where do the Driver Yips Come From? How can you get rid of the yips? These questions steadily flow into our Golf Yips Survey.  Golfing with the yips can be terrifying, maddening, frustrating, and depressing. Ultimately, the yips can cause you to question your abilities as a golfer and the feasibility of ridding yourself of this performance block. Imagine stepping … Putting Yips Article>>

Can Golfers Overcome the Yips?

Yips Mental Coaching

Why Distractions Can Lead to Yips The yips are shrouded in uncertainty. Throughout the golfing world, there are many questions about the yips: What are the yips? What causes the yips? Are the yips permanent? All this uncertainty surrounding the yips has a dramatic effect on the length of time the yips affect your game. One golfer who participated in … Putting Yips Article>>

How to Manage the Yips in Golf

Putting Yips

The Only Way to Overcome Yips As a golfer, nothing’s better than waking up early on a beautiful, sunny morning and heading to the golf course for a round of golf. In contrast, nothing worse than playing with the yips, incapable of sinking a three-foot putt on that beautiful, sunny morning and thinking your can’t score up to your capability. … Putting Yips Article>>