When Golfers Are Overly Precise With Their Aim

Playing Intuitive Golf

To play intuitive golf, a concept I teach in “Breaking The Yips Cycle” DVD program, you want to trust your athletic mind when you play golf…

One golfer who took my golf yips survey asked:

“When I aim the putter on line it feels wrong. Is this why I have problems with the yips?”

My short answer is “no.” This is not why you have the yips, but it is part of the fear of missing…

The fear of missing or wanting to make the putt badly might cause you to not trust in your aim and set up.

Not feeling comfortable with your aim often starts from being overly precise when you play.

In this mindset, you second-guess your aiming ability and then can never feel relaxed or comfortable over the ball.

That’s why you want to trust your intuitive or athletic brain to aim and set up during a shot or putt.

You want to aim after you look at your target or line–then you are just responding to a target. Then aim the putter one time. Your body knows how to aim to the target. Don’t adjust and readjust, then worry its wrong.

How to Play Intuitive Golf

For putting, you want to pick your line/target, use your imagination to see the putt or feel the speed.

As you approach the ball, focus on your target or line. Next allow your practice strokes to happen naturally based on the distance of the putt–if you use a practice stroke.

Look at your target or line, aim the putter naturally using your vision, and set up with comfort in mind, not perfection.

Engage with your line or pace and react to that image. Often this last step will change depending on if you are a feel or visual putter.

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Golf Yips

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