Golfers Who Become Anxious on The Greens

Overcoming Putting Fears

How Do You Control Your Nerves When Putting?

The moment you walk on the green to look at your putt, do you become anxious about putting?

This is what happens to Jacob. He wrote me to say:

“I want to find a way to control my nerves once I get on the green. I start shaking from nerves and miss every single putt no matter the length. Do you have a remedy for this?”

This reminds me of a story when I worked with The University of Florida Men’s golf team a few years ago…

One of the players on the team said that the moment he walked onto the green, he’d start to feel anxious about putting. He wanted to pick up the ball and walk to the next tee box!

First, I have no “remedy” because there is no such thing as a quick fix for the yips…

Second, how do you control your nerves or anxiety on the greens?

First, you have to start by understanding why you feel nervous and stab or jerk at impact when putting or chipping.

The nervous feelings are often about the outcome and the aftermath. For golfers with the yips, the outcome is missing an easy putt or blading a routine chip.

But the aftermath is often the real sources of the fear. Everyone misses putts, right? The aftermath is how missing affects your game and life.

The Aftermath is Often About:

  • Worrying about embarrassment
  • Thinking how silly it would look to miss a two-foot putt
  • Fear of not being accepted by others
  • General worry about what others might think
  • Not playing to your potential in golf

Thus, the nerves or anxiety is about more than just missing a putt…

To overcome the fear, you have to know the source of the fear.

Which fear seems like it fits you?

The solution is a bit individualized based on your answer.

However, here’s the bottom line… You have to play golf for the right reasons. Playing golf for approval from others or avoiding disapproval is not the right reason.

You must convince yourself that your playing partners don’t really care about how many putts you miss.

You must also stay in the moment of your preputt routine. This means thinking about what helps you execute a putt instead of focusing on not missing or looking silly if you miss!

If you need help with overcoming the fear on the greens, I have two options:

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  2. Breaking the Yips Cycle Video and Workbook program. This is my home-study guide for overcoming the yips. Learn more about my program for putting, chipping, and full-swing yips or tension:

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