What are Golf Swing Yips?

What are the full-swing yips in golf? The full-swing yips are another variety of the yips in golf. They are different than the putting yips. I have worked with players who had problems with the full swing. But I think the golf swing yips are much rarer than the chipping or putting yips. When you have the full swing yips, you simply can't swing at the ball freely. Charles Barkley, the famous basketball player, who took up golf had one version … [Read more...]

All About Chipping Yips

Are the chipping yips caused by a mental or physical problem? The debate is still ongoing and the answer depends on who you ask in golf. I often work with students who have the chipping yips, but I think they are more rare than the putting yips. What are the chipping yips? The yips in chipping, similar to putting, happen when a golfer feels he's jerking or hacking at the ball close to impact. The swing breaks down at impact and slams into the … [Read more...]

Yips: Physical or Mental?

Are the putting or golf yips caused my mental or physical problems? Depends on who you ask about this phenomenon. Golf psychologists will say the yips are all in the mind. Some golf instructors will say that it's a physical problem. I have the same debate with my motocross students who are afflicted with something called "arm pump." Arm pump is when the racer's arms get so tight due to lactic acid build up, he has to pull of the track. I've … [Read more...]

Do You Have the Yips?

Not every golfer will experience the putting yips during a career. According to Wikipedia, Mayo Clinic researchers found that more than one-third of all serious golfers have had the yips at one time. Long-time golfers, who have played for 25 years or more are more likely to get the golf yips. That's a pretty big number, but at least half of all golfers never experience the yips in their career. And you don't want to assume you have the yips a … [Read more...]

What Are The Putting Yips?

The putting "yips" are one of golf's most perplexing challenges. Golf and putting is not fun if you think you have the yips. The yips have driven more good golfers to give up the game than any other golfing challenge. When players label themselves as having the putting yips, they think they have an incurable disease. Putting confidence declines and the fear of missing putts makes matters worse. Players who suffer from the fear of missing don't … [Read more...]