Bernhard Langer And The Yips

Overcoming Golf Yips

How Did Langer Handle The Yips?

Bernard Langer’s problems with putting yips is well chronicled during his career. Despite having the putting yips, Langer was a consistent winner in Europe and later in the US. Bernard Langer first developed the yips when he was 18 years old. Ouch!

The yips will cause any golfer to shoot higher scores. Most, if not all, of his career he has struggled with the putting yips.

“At one point I was yipping so badly that I four-putted from three feet and actually hit the ball twice. Those were extremely difficult times. I often thought about quitting, but the breakthrough came in 1979,” said Langer.

Langer started his career using a conventional putting grip in which the right hand is below the left. But he’s changed his grip several times in his career to help him overcome the yips with his putting. Despite his struggles he manage to win many tournaments in his career.

How can someone with the yips most of his career win international tournaments as big as the masters?

He was able to reinvent his putting by changing his method and changing the putter he uses. I call this a quick fix.

You change something in your game and feel like a new person. You don’t have any bad experiences with a new putter. It’s harder to label yourself as having the yips with a new technique.

When Langer switched to the long putter, this seem to help him with his putting problem as with many other golfers who have went to the long putter.

The idea is that wrist movement is less with the long putter and you use the larger muscles when putting.

Translation: Anxiety will not affect the bigger muscles as much as the smaller ones.

“When you’ve had the yips, you want to keep the small muscles out of your stroke,” said David Leadbetter, who coached Langer.

Was going to the long putter the cure for Langer’s yips problems?

Only Langer can tell you for certain. But I do know that if you only search for the answer in your technique or your putter, you may never find the solution to your putting woes.

Switching putters, changing your grip, or changing your putting style might help you temporarily, but it’s only masking the real problem–what goes on inside your head when you stand over a putt that causes your muscles to spasm.

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