What Do The Yips Feel Like For Golfers? [Video]

What Are The Putting Yips?

In this short video, Dr. Cohn explains the putting yips.

You learn the cause of the tips and some of the wrong ideas about the yips in putting.

Golfers ask Dr. Cohn questions about the putting yips, chipping yips and full-swing yips.

Do you feel as if the club moves itself like you have not control over the putter?

Golfers describe the yips as a flinching, stopping, jabbing or hitting motion at the ball.

The yips are mental and have nothing to do with your putter or technique.

The putting yips are fear driven, which leads to over control and a lack of freedom.

Watch the video now:

YouTube video

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1 thought on “What Do The Yips Feel Like For Golfers? [Video]”

  1. By far the worst golf affliction suffered by a player is the yips. I have had them for numerous spells and have played golf for over 60 years and more than 50 years competitively. At 71 I am still single digit , but have to admit when going thru a siege it is torture. Many great players have been unable to conquer them completely….Hogan, Snead, Miller to name a few.. I have found various techniques to temporarily solve the dilemma and have to continually think of different solutions …sometimes daily or weekly. My most recent technique has been…..concentrating on hitting the ball with the toe half of the blade on all putts under 10 feet.
    FOR NOW it takes my mind off the result. Tomorrow I may have to think of something else. My experience has told me that the yips are more likely to happen to the more motivated golfer and one who has played a great deal of competitive golf. The shorter the putt the more severe the problem.


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