Common Yips Solutions And Why They Fail [Video]

Why Some Yips Solutions Don’t Work

Dr. Patrick Cohn discusses the putting yips, the chipping yips, and the full-swing yips for golfers.

In this video, Dr. Cohn talks about:

The common solutions that golfers use to solve the putting yips including changing their putters, using a new grip, and changing mechanics.

All of these solutions are only temporary for most golfers who are afflicted with the yips.

Changing your grip or putter are physical remedies, but the real issue is psychological.

Changing your putter or grip can help you in the short term, but it’s not a long-term solution.

Watch the video now:

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2 thoughts on “Common Yips Solutions And Why They Fail [Video]”

  1. I realize the yips are 100% mental (at least in my case). So the video i watched was not at all helpful. I don’t need to be told what NOT to do. I need to know what TO DO. I have the report and have tried the drills. They’ve helped a little. Also, I’m fine when playing with friends for fun. It’s only in tournaments or with new playing partners that I get the yips again. I have a tournament coming up again next Monday/Tuesday and if i get the yips, I am going to seriously consider giving up tournament golf!

    • Robin: Many golfers still hold onto the physical changes as the remedy as that is what is most comfortable to them. So you are in the minority of golfers who think the yips are mental.


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