One Golfer’s Solution to The Putting Yips…

Putting and Chipping Yips

How to Solve the Putting Yips

This week I’d like to report what one golfer said is helping him with the yips… And it’s not about going cross-handed, left-handed, or changing to a long putter…

One golfer reported, via my yips survey, what’s helping him with the yips (and I think he picked up some tips from my anti-yips putting practice report.)

He said this is helping:

“A good mental attitude; diminish the ‘importance’ of the shot and have an attitude of ‘let it go’. Try to forget any bad strokes and focus on the good ones.”

First, diminish the importance of the shot is a good approach if you can pull it off. Most golfers with the yips do treat every putt or chip as if it’s live or die.

I call this “attaching consequence to the outcome of the shot.” This does create tension for golfers. For example, “I need to make this short putt for the team. I’ll look silly if I miss it.”

One golfer I worked with was labeled as having a “stinger chip” shot when he launched the ball over the green. It was embarrassing.

A lot of the tension you feel is about the outcome or the end result of the shot. When you have the yips, it’s about not looking stupid or feeling embarrassed. Or messing up a good round.

Second, this golfer also suggested to “let it go.” What does that mean?

Letting it go refers to trusting your learned ability to hit the putt or chip. In the yips cycle, golfers do anything but let it go. They over control.

One of my mentors, Ken Ravizza, always said that “in order to gain control, you have to give up control.” That’s trust in your stroke.

The easiest way to let it go is to react to the target in your mind–the hole, the landing area, or the line in your mind.

However, when you are stuck in the yips cycle, this is much easier said than done.

Lastly, he said to focus on your good strokes and try to forget the bad ones…

Yes, I agree. A bad stroke can lead to more bad (controlled) strokes when you carry the misses with you or focus on how bad the yip felt.

If you can let it go, forget about the outcome, and only remember the good strokes, you are much closer to breaking the yips cycle.

You can read more about how to break the yips cycle below…

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