Why Golfers Yip Only When Playing With Others

Overcoming Golf Yips

Social Approval in Golf

Why does your performance change when on the course?

I’m following up on my email from last week about going from smooth in practice to jerky on the course…

Here’s what one golfer asked in my putting yips survey:

“I’m fine in practice on the putting green and playing on my own, but as soon as I play with someone, I get conscious of it. So how can I find a way to get good thoughts on the course?”

This issue is at the heart of my philosophy about breaking the yips cycle. This golfer nailed the real culprit…

The fear of looking silly or embarrassment! It’s really not about having good thoughts–it’s more significant than that.

Fear of embarrassment might not be every golfer’s root cause of the yips, but I know it applies to many people.

This is the big reason why your smooth or relaxed stroke turns into a jerky or flinchy stroke on the course.

Call it performance anxiety. Call it a form of stage fright. Call it fear of embarrassment. It’s all the same…

This problem is based on the concept of social approval.

If you can have a smooth stroke when playing alone and it turns jerking when you play with others, only one factor has changed:

You becoming more self-conscious around others!

Tips for Overcoming Social Approval

So you know your putting changes around others when you play for score.

But what are you most concerned with when playing with others?

  • Looking silly
  • Embarrassment
  • Losing star points
  • Getting kicked out of your group
  • Not playing to your potential, etc.

You have to start with understanding the real fear behind your yips. Then you have to address it head on…

Ultimately, you have to convince yourself that others don’t really care about your performance on the course. They are too focused on their own games!

Check out “Breaking The Yips Cycle” and learn how to start playing for the right reasons!

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