Coming Out of The Closet If You Have The Yips

Overcoming Golf Yips

Overcoming Pressure From Having The Yips

John recently wrote to tell me he’s make progress with his putting yips…

What was interesting is the fact that he’s owned up to the idea that the yips are not physical, but totally mental…

“What really stuck with me was owning up to the fact that I have the yips…. then knowing that part of it is from the embarrassment of yipping and doing it in front of others … choking… losing skins etc. etc,” said John.

Owning up to it and even telling people….. Get it out in the open and start the process of slowly fixing it helped me start the process of improvement.”

John also reiterated that focusing on the process instead of the aftermath of missing has helping him to putt better and play better shots altogether.

“I started using the “Process” mentality on all my shots not just putting… for me it frees me from worries…”

You are probably reading my tips because you have realized the yips are mental and have tried all the physical remedies.

I often become the “last resort” for golfers in their quest to find a solution because making physical changes, such as grip, putter, and technique are a lot easier for golfers to do than look inward at what makes them fearful.

It’s just not that cool to tell others that your mental game is misfiring and causing a lot of havoc with your game.

But John found it comforting to come out of the closet with his yips. Don’t hide it. Share it with others.

If you can’t open up to others about it, it does suggest that you are worried about how they might interpret your challenge with the yips.

This might not be the ideal approach for you, but it’s something to consider if you think it would take off some pressure about playing good golf.

How to remove the pressure you feel to play good golf:

If golf is about impressing others with your stellar game, do you think you are participating for the right reasons?

One way to remove the pressure you feel is to change the meaning of golf in your life.

To do this, stop focusing on striving to meet others’ expectations and play for the pure love of the game.

I know, easier said than done, but playing for intrinsic reasons can go a long way for your enjoyment.

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