Typical Fixes For The Yips That Don’t Last Long

Fix For The Yips

How Can You Solve The Yips?

Lot’s of golfers have completed my survey on the yips…

What’s amazing is how golfers are trying to solve the yips.

Here’s just a sample of what people are saying about solutions–solutions that are not working:

“Made a grip change along with focus on mechanics in practice to increase confidence in stroke… overall my putting has gotten better… except when the yips appear.”

“Practice all kinds of drills, different size grips, different weighted putters, different length putters.”

“Claw grip worked. Now the yips have arose while using the claw.”

“Nothing has helped. I have tried lessons, usually the coach just concentrates on technique.”

“Changed putters, changed grips on putters, anchoring, belly putters, several different putting grips e.g. claw, left hand low.”

What’s the problem with these common approaches? They all focus on the physical side of putting or chipping.

Will they work?

For most of my students, they are a temporary solution, but the yips usually return.

That’s because the yips are a mental issue. They start in the mind. I know it feels physical to you, but the mind is driving your stroke.

You can keep changing grips, technique, putters, routines, etc. but will this solve the yips long-term? Probably not.

To solve the yips, you first have to come to the realization that they start in the mind and not your putter or grip.

This is a hard realization for most golfer because:

  • They don’t want to admit a mental weakness.
  • The mental game is not as tangible.
  • It’s easier to change grips or putters or technique.
  • They don’t know where to start to overcome the yips.

You must get over all these hurdles if you want to improve your putting or chipping and be rid of the yips.

The keys to overcoming the yips:

  1. Admit that putting or chipping yips are mental and stop band-aiding it with new putters and grips.
  2. Work on your freedom of the stroke using the practice drills you downloaded from my website at putting-yips.com.
  3. Address the fear of failure or other fears that keep you stuck in the yips cycle.

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