Why Putting Confidence Disappears With The Yips

Overcoming Golf Yips

Why Practice is Easy, But Confidence Disappears

Today, I answer two questions from golfers about overcoming the yips…

One golfer recently wrote the following:

“Practice is just as easy as before. I have full confidence, but I flinch when it counts on the course. I really don’t know the answer, but I’m trying a very loose grip and making a little progress.”

For most golfers, they can make putts or chip shots readily in practice. However, when they hit the course, they tighten up and flinch.

If you have been following my tips for a while, you already know why this happens with the yips…

It becomes more important for you to succeed on the course when your ego is on the line. Fear of looking stupid or not playing to your potential are often the culprits for golfers.

In the yips cycle, fear causes you to over control the putter or chipping iron to the point that you jab or hack at the ball–it feels like a spasm.

Thus, you have confidence you can make a good stroke in practice, but then–based on experience–no confidence you can make on the golf course.

Changing your grip pressure might bring some immediate relief because it’s something new to focus on, but it does not lead to long-lasting on-course changes…

Another golfer asks:

“What makes your method for dealing with the yips different from others?”

For starters, I don’t use hypnosis, visualization, or tapping (EFT) to help you solve the yips…

My method is more about exploring what’s the source of your underlying FEAR of missing. Remember, it’s not about missing, but the aftermath of missing…

The key is to get to the bottom of missing and how will affect you as a golfer, golf in your life, and as a person… Yes, as a person.

For example:

  • Are you embarrassed by it?
  • Are you frustrated and feel like giving up?
  • Do you lose all enjoyment of the game?
  • Do you think you are investing too much and getting too little?

How to Break the Yips Cycle:

As I’ve said before, you have to attack the yips cycle at every stage and not just change your grip, putter, or grip pressure…

  1. Attack the source of the fear.
  2. Work on freeing up your stroke.
  3. Practice the right way.
  4. Start to build confidence.
  5. Change your mission in golf.

I help golfers with these strategies every day. Contact me if you want help breaking the yips cycle this summer.

Or go here to learn more about the yips cycle:

About the Yips Cycle

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2 thoughts on “Why Putting Confidence Disappears With The Yips”

  1. I have problem getting putter to start back. Up until lately I have been know as one of the best putters at what ever club I have been a member. It won’t start. Seems as my brain will not send impulse to my hands or arms to start the putter. Making me want to quit game. Fighting to keep my handicap down. Has went from 7 to 10 quickly. Confidence is at all time low. Can you help.?

    • Steve:

      Freezing is another way the yips can hold players back. Having a good routine over the ball can help. And yes, I can help with the freezing over the ball.


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