Golfers Who Want a Quick Cure to The Yips

Overcoming Golf Yips

How Do You Get Rid of The Yips?

Lot’s of golfers have been asking the following about the yips:

  • How do you get rid of them?
  • What’s the cure?
  • Will they disappear eventually?
  • Do you have a permanent cure?
  • Find me the switch-off button!

So, I have to clarify one thing… An instant cure does not exist for the yips. I hope I have not given you that impression.

As a matter of fact when I work with any athlete, I make a point to tell all of them that I have no magic dust or cure for their mental game…

But I think some golfers expect immediate changes: a cure, fix, pill, or one exercise that will help them overcome the yips.

Sorry to say, but this is part of the society we live in today…

An instant cure does not exist. With that said, you can experience some immediate changes with your putting.

For example, here’s what John wrote to tell me about having yips on the way to the course:

“The contents of your last email may have saved my putting… I can almost say it did 100% but want to get another round in this Sunday… it will be my third round of the year and I finished the back 9 last week with 15 putts….”

“Focusing on “The Process of Putting” has really stuck and takes my mind away from the worries of missing… I kid you not! I would yip on my way to the course… it was bad… full report after my next round.”

But John has been following my tips for several weeks and I’m sure he’s been working on making more changes that just the one suggestion I provided.
Here’s my philosophy about making changes with mental coaching.

Change happens over several stages of mental coaching:

  • Awareness
  • Education
  • Practice (and more practice)
  • Application

This is why I have no quick fix or cure for the yips.

As I’ve said in several tips, you have to overcome the fear in order to putt or chip freely again. How long does it take for the fear to develop? Maybe years? You don’t see many young golfers with the yips.

Once you are AWARE of the specific fear, you can begin to play freely and stroke it freely again. However, that’s just one part of the yips equation you have to solve.

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  1. I have been golfing for aprox. 30 yr. Practice almost everyday, My handicap between 4- 6. I started getting the yips in match play around a year ago. Never happens practicing ,only in competition, from a putt about 1 1/2 to 2′ from the hole. I freeze up and can’t make a stroke. Please help.


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