Stop Caring And Make More Putts

Over thinking and the yips

Stop Focusing On The Outcome To Overcome Yips

If you have been following my tips, you know I talk a lot about not focusing on the outcome, right?

Why? The outcome is the consequence of missing or making a shot or putt. Golfers often feel like a putt is life or death when they have the yips.

This is because they focus too much on what the putt means and how they will feel if they miss a two footer.

So a reader wrote in to tell me an interesting story about divorcing oneself from the outcome making or missing putts…

Here’s what Scott had to say:

“I am 2 handicap. I agree with the idea of divorcing oneself from results and focusing on the process of putting. I play in a handicap game at my local club. So in order to be competitive with 10 to 20 handicappers, I am trying to build my handicap. On each birdie and eagle putt I had, I tried to miss but not to look obvious trying to miss. And as you might expect I make everything. It was the most relaxing state of being to stand over putts trying not to make.”

Conclusion is… If you really try and “care” to make, you won’t make or it may go in but with anxiety… If you “don’t care” and try not to make, your make percent exponentially increases!

Let’s ignore the fact that Scott is trying to “build” his handicap at the club, but instead focus on the mental strategy.

Stop caring about making!

The caring and the consequences of making/missing are what triggers your anxiety/fear. We can all agree.

You can putt with greater freedom when you let go of the dire need to make (or not miss).

I know this is easier said than done. But I love how he made more putts by trying to miss [not care].

Can you make more putts by being freer of the ball and letting the putter swing without caring about outcome? Yes you can. Thank Scott for this week’s tip.

Part of breaking the yips cycle includes:

You have to focus on the “process of execution” as Larry Mize once told me. (Hint: He did not mean “stroke”).

Caring too much about the outcome leads to anxiety and tension.

You don’t have to try to miss, but you can stop caring and start making more!

What is the model of the yips cycle? Check it out below:

putting and chipping yips cure

The Yips Cycle is a vicious cycle that causes you to stay trapped…

From fear of missing to over control to feeling embarrassed, everyone I shared this with agreed with my philosophy about the yips:

  • The cycle comes and goes for some of you where you can lose the yips, but it returns mysteriously;
  • The cycle is all about anxiety and fear of missing and the aftermath of missing;
  • The cycle includes massive frustration that spills over into a golfer’s life;
  • The cycle makes it hard to regain any confidence in your putting or chipping.

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