Keegan Bradley Attributes PGA Win to Putting

Bradley Great PuttingYou drive for show and putt for dough definitely applied to Keegan Bradley’s putting performance. No yips in sight with his long putter. He was holing long putts for birdie coming down the stretch, which was the key to his win at the 2011 PGA Championship. Sometimes you just click with the putter and you’ll have a great week.

He attributes his great play to his putting and attitude for the week. “Obviously to win any tournament, let alone a major, you have to putt well overall. I don’t know the exact stats of my putting, but I’m sure they are pretty good…. And in my round where I shot 64, I made three or four really good par putts that are burned in my memory right now. And I just played steady all week, all the way around, and most importantly in my attitude, my demeanor was where it needed to be, which is what you have to be like to win a tournament,” said Bradley.

He recently went to the long putter. Winning the PGA Championship with a belly putter, Keegan Bradley became the first player to win a major with a long putter. Many PGA Tour players have switched to the long putter because they battled the yips, most notably are Johnny Miller and Bernhard Langer.

Bradley switched to the long putter about two and a half years ago. But he had a dream of using it to win a major jokingly. “I’m also very, very proud to be the first belly putter to win a major. I remember people telling me when I first switched, they would go, ‘But nobody has ever won a major with it.’?And I remember looking at them and going, ‘I’m going to be the first one to win a major,’ just joking pretty much. It’s a surreal thing that it’s true.”

Many veteran players who have used the short putter for years have trouble switching to a long putter or belly putter. Some players have switched to overcome the putting yips including Johnny Miller. But Bradley thinks younger players can use it early in their career with no problem. “For a guy that’s 40 years old and has been playing with a short putter for 35 years, they grab that thing and it’s a bizarre feeling. For me, it was really easy. It just clicked right away. For the younger players, I think it’s easier for them to switch. I’ve been putting with the belly putter for 2 1/2 years now,” Bradley said.

Hot streaks on the PGA tour are using when a guy gets hot with his putter for a few weeks at a time. “It just seems like things are easier when you’re more relaxed. Golf is easier. Travel is easier. And the key is, whenever I’m on these streaks, my putting is above and beyond what I normally putt like,” Bradley said.

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