How to Focus on The Process, Not Mechanics

Overcoming The Yips by Focusing on The Process

This week I’m following up on the theme of tinkering, but I’m going to focus on tinkering with your stroke mechanics

One reason why it’s hard to break the yips cycle is because you focus too much on mechanics instead of the process.

Golf instructors might tell you that thinking about a good stroke when playing is focusing on the process, but that’s incorrect.

When you think about mechanics, you are stroke-bound and thus manipulate the putter in the middle of your stroke.

Doing this might feel like the right thing to do when you have the yips, but it’s not a good idea…

You are tinkering with your stroke and NOT trusting your stroke.

I’m sure you practice to make a good smooth stroke…

Do you watch the putter head?

If you are watching your putter head during the stroke, that’s a good sign you are stroke bound.

If you are making changes to your stroke after one miss, I’m certain you are focused too much on mechanics.

If you spend 90 percent or more of your practice time on stroke, you are also too focused on mechanics.

First, you want to groove a good stroke in practice and then trust your stroke on the course.

Once you step on the golf course, your stroke is what it is that day. Focusing on making a good stroke only leads to tension when you have the yips.

How to Focus on the Process:

Where do you put your focus if you shouldn’t think about making a good stroke?

You focus on the process…

When I interviewed Larry Mize several years ago for a book I was writing on putting, he said this about great putting:

“You want to focus on the process of execution when putting. And I don’t mean to say you are focusing on making a good stroke–that happens in practice.”

Mize went on to say that he thinks about rolling the ball down his line and the pace he wants to hit the ball on.

His stroke becomes a reaction to the image of the line or speed. This is what it really means to focus on the process

However, everyone is a little different in how they learn and process information. Visual putters and feel putters prefer different images when putting.

So you want to tap into the “type” of putter you are and use the correct mental images to help you putt freely on the course.

One caution here: If you have been stroke bound for many years, it will take some time to switch to focusing on the process.

If you can let go of trying to make a good stroke, you will be closer to breaking the yips cycle.

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Overcome The Yips and Enjoy Golf Again!

Golf Yips

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