Tiger Woods Has the Chipping Yips Says Old Coach Haney

Chipping Yips Woods

In a recent article in Sporting News, Haney reveals why Woods has the chipping yips. A few experts have said that Tiger has gotten too technical with his swing (I’ve always said he has too many “cooks in the kitchen” to think clearly), which is the culprit. Changing mechanics or going too deep into a practice mindset can start a downward spiral and cause players to get the chippping yips. The tendency is to over think and this leads to over con … [Read more...]

All About Chipping Yips

Golf Chipping Yips

Are the chipping yips caused by a mental or physical problem? The debate is still ongoing and the answer depends on who you ask in golf. I often work with students who have the chipping yips, but I think they are more rare than the putting yips. What are the chipping yips? The yips in chipping, similar to putting, happen when a golfer feels he's jerking or hacking at the ball close to impact. The swing breaks down at impact and slams into the … [Read more...]