Do You Expect to Make Short Putts?

Overcoming Golf Yips

Confidence With Short Putts

Having expectations for your golf game contributes to the yips cycle and here is why…

Whether you expect to yip a shot or expect to make all three-footers, expectations don’t help you swing the club or putter freely.

Expectations are unwritten demands that you place on yourself about your performance or golf scores.

For example, “I should hit all my putts solidly” is a common expectation golfers have when putting.

With high expectations, you judge each putt you hit and the quality of the strike.

The classic example is golfers’ obsession with short putts….

Do you think that you SHOULD make all your three-footers? Most golfers do and thus this makes it harder to putt with freedom.

Why is it harder to putt freely on the short ones?

Expectations = pressure. You think others expect you to make three-foot putts.

Self-confidence, which is different than expectation, is how strongly you believe you will hit a good putt prior to execution. Confidence is void of expectation.

With pure confidence, you don’t judge the quality of the performance based on expectations, results, or outcomes.

Instead of demanding you make all short putts (which instills pressure), you want to believe in your ability to hit the ball online or with good pace.

But in order to gain back confidence, you must first free up your stroke.

With no expectations about outcomes and a freer stroke, you are at the edge of breaking the yips cycle.

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