Do You Have The Yips On Long Putts?

Overcoming Golf Yips

Why Do Some Golfers Struggle With Long Putts?

Most golfers I work with struggle mostly with short putts, Why? Golfers are expected to make the short ones, right?

This leads to more perceived pressure and thus more worry about missing, which leads to over control in my yips cycle model.

But today, I’m talking about golfers who struggle with long putts, which is not as common when talking about the yips or putting problems.

Here’s a recent question I saw on the putting survey:

“My main problem is with long putts (and this may have arisen from long-term chipping yips). How can I consistently release the putter through the ball rather than stabbing putts or decelerate into the ball then accelerate putter, which at times causes double hits?”

Golfers struggle with longer putts for these reasons:

  • They yip during the stroke,
  • They misjudge the distance from the hole, or
  • The have poor touch or feel

This golfer sounds like he’s having some issues with the yips if he’s stopping and restarting the stroke on the follow through.

If this is the case, you have to keep in mind that it’s NOT a mechanical problem, but rather a fear problem… Fear of three-putting and/or looking silly.

Not only do you have to address the specific fear issue, but you have to train yourself to free up the putter to swing freely again.

However, one strategy that I suggest is to work diligently on your touch control in practice…

Hit a ton of 40, 50, and 60 foot putts uphill and downhill. A half-hour a day would not be too much.

When your touch and speed control improve, so does your comfort and thus freedom over the longer putts.

I ask my golfers to spend most of their practice time–when on the putting green–working to improve touch and distance control.

You can reduce the number of three-putts you make per round and feel freer over the long ones…

This also helps golfers with the yips on short putts. Would you rather have a two-footer or four-footer to make on your second putt (if you miss the first one)? It’s easier to make the two-footer of course.

I know that’s not a solution for the yips, but it does help you improve your putting. To overcome the yips, you have to attack the yips cycle at every stage.

Check out “Breaking The Yips Cycle” and learn all my strategies for overcoming fear and putting freely again!

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1 thought on “Do You Have The Yips On Long Putts?”

  1. Glad I found this! I went to left hand low and that has helped my chipping and putting yips. My yapping is with long putts or uphill putts where I need to take club head back a fair distance. I become afraid to take the putter head back. Especially when being with other players. Also I seem to do better with either using only the wrists which produces a solid strike. Or hinge wrists going back and bring club through keeping the shift lean forward. GF


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