Why Some Golfers Only Struggle With Long Putts

Overcoming Golf Yips

Long Putting Yips

Dave recently wrote me to say his putting yips are not mechanical nor technique related, but rather between the ears…

Dave said:

“I finished my worst-yipping round ever (42 putts), and headed straight for the practice green.”

He went on to say…

“I tossed down two balls and aimed at a hole about 30 feet away. The first ball went in; the second just missed and stopped a foot past the hole. Two close to perfect putts. So I only yip when it matters on the course.”

He also said he’s had some success with my putting drills

What was different in Dave’s case is the fact that he only struggles with long putts.

He said:

“Long putts are much worse than short putts. Doesn’t seem to affect anything inside 3 feet, and it’s worst when I have to hit a putt 20-30 feet or more.”

The question I have is:

Why would the yips only show up on longer putts from 20-30 or longer?

Most golfers struggle with the short ones or easy shots.

  1. Is he afraid of three-putting?
  2. Does he feel more uncomfortable from long distance?
  3. Does he need to improve his touch to gain more confidence and freedom?
  4. Are the short putts easier for him?

The answers to all these questions might be “yes.” I’m not exactly sure because I did not talk to him.

I did suggest he first try working on his touch from 30-50 feet to improve confidence that he can roll the ball with the correct pace (this can free up golfers).

He liked that idea… As a matter of fact, I tell all my students to work diligently on touch on the greens.

You should spend as much as 90% of your practice time on touch when putting.

But it still does not solve the fear part. What’s the fear that’s holding him back? Based on his email, he loves the game of golf and wants to be able to perform his best on the greens.

A lot of the golfers I work with on the yips are afraid of NOT performing up to their ability or potential they show on the practice green.

But to break the yips cycle, you have to understand the underlying fear and attack it head on. This is a fact.

Also, if you know anyone that’s about to give up golf due to frustration with the yips, please forward this link to him or her so others can learn how to enjoy golf again.

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