What’s the Number One Drill For The Yips?

Overcoming Golf Yips

Drills to Overcome The Yips

What’s the number one drill to help you overcome the yips?

This is the topic of a recent question one golfer asked in my golf yips survey:

“With all your experience, what would be the number one drill/advice that works for ‘most’ golfers you work with?”

The honest answer is that I don’t have one drill that helps golfer stop yipping…

If you recall my version of the yips cycle:

The yips cycle

The YIPS Cycle:

You have to address the yips at every part of the yips cycle.

However, the two most important things you must do to overcome the yips include:

  1. Free up your stroke in practice and on the course
  2. Get beyond the fear of failure or embarrassment

Confidence will return to your game when you can free up your putting and learn to putt freely on the course.

However, in order to putt freely you have have to overcome your specific fear about missing easy chip shots or short putts.

This is why it makes it hard for me to give you one drill to help you with the yips…

But a great place to start is with my Anti-Yips Practice Drills, which helps you learn how to putt freely again.

If you missed my drills, you can download them here:


The next thing you have to do is uncover the specific fear that you have about missing putts or chip shots. And it’s not about missing per se, but what comes with missing–what I call the aftermath of missing.

For example, do you worry about what others will think if you continue to yip?

Do you question if you should continue to play golf if you can’t perform up to your potential?

If you can do these two important steps, you are much closer to putting or chipping freely!

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  1. My favorite drill for overcoming the yips is the ladder drill. Just step up and putt the ball. If you miss, start over again, who cares. It will quickly take the fear of missing a putt away.


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