Do You Make Putting Too Complex?

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How to Simplify Your Putting

Mark, a golfer who had the yips wrote me last month to say that he had stopped his tinkering with putting and was putting much better…

“Dr. Cohn.. amazing! I have not had the yips since you posted my comment about reading books on putting and how it triggered the yips. Somehow reading that story was like a release for me.. haven’t yip since” said Mark.

For Mark, tinkering with his putting mechanics and grip is what led to the yips… The yips started when he went to the library and read several books on putting.

I find that most golfers dig themselves into a hole with tinkering… They change too many elements with their putting and then start to over think the process.

One bad putting round can lead to making the wrong changes.

You certainly want to improve your stroke when possible, but my view is that putting is more or an art than a science.

If you have putting problems, my suggestion is to go back to what’s worked for you in the past and stick with it.

Resist reading everything you can about putting technique.

The more you can simplify the stroke, the better off you are. Why?

When golfers are putting their best, they use imagination, touch, feel, and the intuitive part of their brain.

Clogging you brain with too many thoughts about grip, stroke, angles, tempo, etc. has the opposite effect you want.

How To Simplify Your Putting:

  1. Stick to one method.
  2. Pick one putter and go with it.
  3. Use your imagination to putt.
  4. See or feel the target/line and react.
  5. Love the challenge of rolling the ball online.

Check out “Breaking The Yips Cycle” and learn all my strategies for simplifying your putting process and putt freely again!

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