Why do Tour Pros Struggle With The Yips?

Golf Yips

PGA Tour Players With The Yips

Why aren’t some Tour Pro’s able to overcome the yips when money is no object?

We’ve seen Kevin Na, Ernie Els, Padraig Harrington, even Tiger Woods get the yips over the last couple of years.

You’ve heard of the statement: Money doesn’t buy happiness, right?

Well, money does not buy a yip-free stroke in this case, especially if you jump from golf instructor to instructor or buy the best raining aids.

Pros get the yips because they are human too. It doesn’t matter how good your mechanics are or that you have the best instructor in the world, the yips prey on your fear.

And it doesn’t matter if you have the putting, chipping, pitching, or full swing yips—the yips are the yips for golfers.

And it’s hard for golfer to look inside and examine their mental game and fears. I find that golfers are often unaware of the fear…

And it’s not the fear of missing that’s the problem. It’s the aftermath of missing.

What’s The Aftermath?

This is what missing means to you and how it affects you.

In my work with golfers, the underlying fear is often about:

  • The fear of embarrassment
  • The fear of not playing to one’s potential
  • The fear of rejection
  • The fear of failing as a game
  • The fear of looking silly
  • The fear of the game not paying you back for your hard work

Tour pros get the yips and struggle with the yips because they have the same fears you have. It’s not easy to overcome these fears and they are often hidden fears—ones that golfers don’t easily see.

So, to solve the dilemma of the yips you have to:

  1. Free up your stroke or swing, but to do this you have to…
  2.  Overcome the fear that makes you tighten up and over control the stroke.

So these two solutions go hand-in-hand. You have to free up the stroke so you can get out of your own way, but to do so you must rationalize with your fear.

Having a good preshot routine, focusing on the process, and keeping it simple are all good tips to help you play better golf, but you MUST get past the underlying fear.

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Or go here to learn more about the yips cycle: About the Yips Cycle

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